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Updated 9/23/17

ManufacturerModel CaliberPrice Notes
Browning BAR7mm mag $700Semi-auto, Belgian manufacture
CZ 455.17hmr $550Bolt action, unfired
Henry Golden Boy.22lr $395Lever action, as new - unfired
Henry Golden Boy.22mag $475 
Marlin 795.22lr $125Semi-auto, with box
Marlin 60.22lr $140Semi-auto, like new, with box
Marlin 70.22lr $175Semi-auto
Marlin 33630/30 $550Lever action, manufactured 1979, like new
Remington 597.22lr $135Semi-auto, with scope
Remington 742.308 $350Semi-auto, Bausch & Lomb scope, needs forend wood
Remington 74230/06 $500Semi-auto, w/scope & 2 mags
Remington 7007MM Mag$599Bolt action
Remington 74030/06$350Pump, converted to pump action
Ruger 10/22.22lr$150Semi-auto, looks like German M42
Ruger 10/22.22lr$195Semi-auto, stainless, synthetic
Ruger American.270$350Bolt action, 2 available
Savage 64.22lr$115Semi-auto, synthetic stock
Winchester 290.22lr $125Semi-auto
Winchester M9430/30 $395Lever action, with scope, pre '64
Winchester M9430/30 $550Lever action
Auto Ordnance M-1 Carbine30 M1 $500Semi-auto, extra mags
Auto Ordnance 1927-A1.45acp $850Semi-auto, with 3 mags
Adler Jager AP80.22lr$300Semi-auto, looks like AR-47
Armalite AR7.22lr$280Semi-auto, camo stock
Armi Jager AR74.22lr$300Semi-auto, looks like AR-15
Arisaka Type 997.7$375Bolt
Carcano 916.5 Carcano$150Bolt action, Sporter
Eddystone 191730/06 $895Bolt action, includes bayonet
E.R. Shaw Bolt.308 $800Custom, like new
Iver Johnson M1 Carbine30 carbine $1,000Semi-auto, WWII commemorative
Krag 189830/40$695Bolt action
Mauser Turkish8mm$400Bolt
Mosin Nagant M91/307.62x54R$275Bolt action
Sears 4530-30$350Lever action
Springfield Armory Krag30-40 $595Bolt action, Sporter
Springfield 187345-70 $795Trap door
Tikka T330/06 $600Bolt action, Vortex scope
Uberti 6645LC $800Lever action
Voere STLF-330-06 $595Bolt, Mauser action
Westernfield 855.22lr $125Semi-auto
Yugo M59(SKS)7.62x39 $550Semi-auto, no grenade launcher
Yugo SKS 59/367.62x39 $611Semi-auto, 2 available

Manufacturer Model CaliberPrice Notes
BerettaAL39012g$1250Semi, Ducks Unlimited
Browning A-512ga$450"Light" 12
Charles DalyC Empire12ga$595SxS, Beretta manufacture
Mossberg Maverick20ga$225Pump, Unfired
Mossberg 50012ga$300Pump
Remington 110012ga$325Semi-aut
Remington 87020ga$250Pump, Express model w/slug barrel
Remington 87012ga$325Pump, 2 available
Remington M1120ga$450Semi-auto
Remington 11-8712ga$400Semi-auto, Poerner Grade
Remington 110012ga$350Semi-auto
Remington 110012ga$700Semi-auto, Trap grade, excellent
Winchester 1911SL12ga$175Semi-auto
Winchester 120012ga$200Pump
Winchester 140012ga$250Semi-auto
Franchi 48AL20ga$650Semi-auto
H&R Pardner12ga$165New
Ithaca 3712ga$325Pump, 3" chamber, excellent, full choke
Ithaca M3712ga$395Pump, excellent condition, 28" barrel
Stevens 31516ga$250SxS
Tri Star Raptor12ga$295Semi-auto, like new
Zoli Field Special12ga$450O/U, Excellent